A Call For Volunteers

Volunteers are always Welcome not only at our quarterly meetings, but at our Bi-annual symposium. At our next membership meeting, Q3, and at our Q4 meeting, a sign up sheet will be passed around to sign up for the various committees we have. These committees help make our Quarterly meetings and Symposiums a huge success, as it is a lot of work to arrange. Chairpersons of these committees are considered Board Members and will be included in the Monthly conference calls that the Board of Directors hold.

Committees to sign up for include:

Symposium Planning Committee: The Vice President is the official chairperson of the Symposium Planning Committee and will have a Co-Chair to help oversee. This Committee is responsible for the planning and the coordination of the Symposium/Convention, including but not limited to, the site of the meeting, the speakers and the various subcommittees.

The subcommittees are as follows:

Symposium/Speaker / Program

Continuing Education Committee (submission of NSH paperwork)

Emailing of ASH program (distribution via US mail or e-mail)

Registration Committee / items for attendees packets

Exhibitor/Vendor Committee

Food/Banquet/Hotel/AV Committee

Entertainment/Decorations Committee

Election/Scholarship Committee: This combined Committee shall interview candidates, verify candidates. Eligibility, compiles a biographical sketch of each candidate, create a ballot and mail the ballots and biographical sketches to all current ASH members. The Elections Committee shall also tabulate the ballots, give the results to the Executive Board who will then, notify the newly elected officers. They also receive applications and nominations for awards and scholarships, verifies the information on the candidates, determines the recipients of the awards and conducts the awards segment of the general membership meetings.

By-Laws/ Membership Committee: This combined Committee shall review the Bylaws on an annual basis, receive recommendations for revisions and submit the recommendations for amendments to the Executive Board.This Committee shall email membership renewal notices, update the membership list quarterly,email out membership cards and remit dues checks to the Treasurer of the Society on a monthly basis.

News Editor/ Historian: The Newsletter Editor shall be responsible for the publication onto the ASH website and email distribution of the Society’s newsletter. The newsletter shall be published quarterly in the months of March, June, September and December. The Newsletter Editor shall perform all duties incumbent upon the office and other such duties as assigned by the President. As the Historian you will work with the Secretary and be responsible for and will keep all Society records of historical nature.