Histotechnologist opportunity at Arizona Institute of Urology in Tucson, AZ


II. SUMMARY OF POSITION: The Histologist works under the supervision of the Medical Director. The Histologist assumes responsibility for the daily routine operation of the lab; maintains equipment; maintains Quality Control and Assurance programs; helps in preparing for inspections; checks all work; maintains inventory and orders supplies; performs other duties as assigned.

III. DUTIES AND AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY: Assumes responsibility for daily routine operation of laboratory. Assures work is performed efficiently and cost effectively. Schedules and evaluates need for coverage of section 5 days a week.

Assumes responsibility for maintenance of equipment including trouble-shooting and minor repairs.  Makes entries into maintenance logs.  Keeps instruments clean and free of dust and debris.  Solves problems as they occur.

Assumes responsibility for quality control and quality assurance of technical lab. Keep records of quality control, corrective action taken and results of quality control surveys.  

Helps Medical Director prepare lab for inspections.  Helps complete check lists prior to inspections.  Informs Medical Director of any needed updates or changes in procedures.  Reviews and signs laboratory manuals annually.

Keeps records and logs of all work done by laboratory.  Checks all work for both clarity of report and accuracy.   

Maintains inventory of necessary supplies.  Insures quality of supplies while observing necessary cost containment measures.  Initiates contract negotiations with vendors to obtain the lowest possible price for supplies.  Maintains awareness of costs for all supplies and reagents, as well as estimated cost per test.  Evaluates, recommends and justifies the purchase of new equipment.

Performs other duties as assigned.

IV. JOB RELATIONSHIPS: Supervised by: Practice Administrator / Practice Manager Medical Director


A. Education: Associate Degree and ASCP certification or eligibility.

B. Training: 6 months on the job training is required to learn job duties and develop supervisory skills.

C. Experience: 2 years previous laboratory experience.