Immunovative Clinical Research, Inc Histotechnician Career Opportunity

In Phoenix at Immnovative Therapies Ltd, there is a part-time histotech position with flexible hours. Please see below for details. The position has the potential to grow into a full-time position. If interested, visit their website at and send your CV to Thu Bui at

About Immunovative Clinical Research
Immunovative Clinical Research, Inc. located in Phoenix, Arizona is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Israel-based Immunovative Therapies, Ltd (ITL). ITL is an international biopharmaceutical company specializing in immunotherapy of cancer and infectious disease. ITL conducts clinical trials in Phoenix in collaboration with Banner MD Anderson Medical Center and in Bangkok, Thailand in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute of Thailand. ICRI serves as an in-house Clinical Research Organization and Site Management Organization in support of clinical trials sponsored by ITL worldwide.
Longitudinal biopsy samples are collected from cancer patient volunteers and from clinical trial subjects worldwide. These tissues are collected, preserved and shipped from the point-of-care to ICRI labs. The received specimens are de-identified by the sender and logged in and coded at ICRI. ICRI processes the specimens into slides and the slides are then labeled and shipped to ITL in Jerusalem for immunohistochemical staining and analysis.
A team lead by an immunologist, pathologist and radiologist are responsible for analyzing the interaction of the immune system with the local tumor environment and the immune response in the peripheral blood. This information is correlated with radiographical images taken at the same time as the longitudinal biopsy samples.
ITL is a world-leader in immunomonitoring research.

About the Position
ICRI based in Mesa. is seeking an experienced Histology Research Technician for a part-time position. The position will be responsible for preparing and maintaining SOPs, specimen tracking and shipping logs and labeling and coding systems. Biopsy specimens will be processed for further immunohistochemical staining and digital image analysis in Jerusalem. Biopsy tissue processing includes embedding tissue specimens into paraffin wax blocks, mounting tissue specimens on slides and staining tissue specimens with dyes. The position will be responsible for the labelling and tracking of the slides and the examination of slides under a microscope to ensure the tissue preparation meets laboratory requirements. The position is also responsible for the maintaining histology laboratory equipment such as microscopes, microtome, semi-automated tissue stain system, tissue processors, embedding centers, and water baths.

Associate’s degree; HT(ASCP) certification preferred but not required. 5 years’ experience in a clinical histology laboratory