Happy Histotechnology Professionals Day!

Happy Histotechnology Professionals Day!
Around the corner will be elections time! To vote or run for office, you must be an ASH member
for one year in current good standing. Voting will take place in May 2-6th. To run for office, please submit a biostatement including topics such as background and interest in histology by April 4th.

There are a lot of awards out there for people to nominate themselves or others for with ASH and NSH. The deadline for ASH Scholarships and Awards is June 1st. Please see the links below:
ASH Scholarships & Awards Link: http://www.azhisto.com/by-laws/ (See Article XVII)
NSH Scholarships & Awards Link: http://www.nsh.org/content/nsh-awards-and-scholarships
ASH Awards and Scholarships:
Requirements for these awards and scholarships are that the nominee a) must be a member of ASH in good standing and presently involved in the practice of histotechnology or other related fields, and/or b) must be a registered histotechnician/histotechnologist or eligible for registry.
The recipients of the awards and scholarships will be selected by an Awards Committee and will be notified prior to the Society’s Annual Meeting.
The scholarships shall be on a reimbursement basis.
The recipient of the award must use the monies within two years of the receipt of the scholarship. If any part of the award is not used within two years, the unused monies shall remain in the general fund of the Society. (ARTICLE XVII: DISTINGUISHED AWARDS, Section 4 in by-laws)
This award is given for outstanding and dedicated service to the field of Histotechnology. The Frieda L. Carson Award shall be awarded annually.
This award is given for the most outstanding article, paper, and modification of existing technique or presentation of a workshop during the State or National Convention. The Jules M. Elias Award shall be awarded annually.
Two awards in the amount of $250.00 each are given for the purpose of continuing education and can be used for any workshop, college course, teleconference, textbooks or examination fees. The purpose of these awards is to further the recipients Professional development in the field of Histotechnology and the laboratory. The Phyllis Boris Scholarships shall be awarded annually.
ANTONIO VILLANUEVA AWARD; One Awards to be given annually in the amount of $250.00 to be sponsored by ASH or another sponsor
Vendors, supporters and benefactors of the Society may on occasion sponsor other awards. The Awards Committee shall coordinate with the sponsors of these special awards and with the Society’s membership to collect nominations and to select recipients, in keeping with the wishes of the sponsors. (ARTICLE XVII, Section 5)
Any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.
Have a wonderful day!
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