Arizona Society for Histotechnology Meeting Minutes September 23, 2015

Opening The quarterly meeting of the Arizona Society for Histotechnologists was called to order on September 23, 2015 in Tucson, AZ by Kate Bolt.

Roster Summary

• Total # 2015 Q1 Quarterly Attendees: 51
• Total # 2015 Spring Quarterly Attendees: 44
• Total # 2015 Summer Quarterly Attendees: 38
• Current # of Active Memberships: 81


• NSH Report- Jane Parr, Region VII Director

• Treasurer’s Report- Kasper Kasprzyk, Treasurer

• Membership Report- Antonia Miller, Secretary

• Presentation of President’s Award- Kate and Kasper

Membership and Meeting Terms- Bridget Maryott, VP and Kate Bolt

• Many points discussed as far as length and dates of terms, meeting frequency, meeting and membership formats other state societies use, etc. Many compelled to keep current term, many feel quarterly meetings burdensome to plan; conversation was concluded without resolution, and will be further defined and explored via email and member engagement activities where applicable

• If membership applications were mailed out, the membership cards will be mailed out.

New Business

• Kate added discussion of Pima Community College (PCC) Histotechnology Program, possible restarting

• Gathered membership feedback on observations of original program, other programs, validity and need of programs, community participation and need for workforce

• Many members stated they felt underprepared coming out of Phoenix College Histotechnology Program

• Emphasis on resources being available for programs, especially PCC success


Meeting was adjourned by Kate Bolt. Minutes submitted by: Antonia Miller