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ASH Autumn Quarterly Meeting - 6 CEU's

Sonora Quest Laboratories 1255 W. Washington Street Tempe, AZ 85281

8:00-11:30, Dionne Roberge Development and Commercialization of IVD Reagents for IHC What are we paying for when we purchase an in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) for clinical use? As consumers, we all want to know what we are paying for, and what does it mean for you? What kind of testing does a commercial vendor need to perform to market an IVD for use in (IHC)? What information should we expect the vendor to provide? The level of design quality used in the development of IHC reagents is a standard that all vendors must achieve, but how is it performed? With the rising costs of health care…

11:30-1:00, Lunch Together Lunch will be provided for members, so please join us 

1:00-4:30, Jason Ramos IHC Principles and Troubleshooting This thorough review is designed to ensure all students have a concrete understanding of the biological principles behind IHC, how commercial IHC reagents are generated, and the implications of that knowledge on work in an IHC laboratory. Recent developments in the field of biology and immunology will be highlighted to build on knowledge attendees may already possess. Additionally, we will spend significant time on IHC troubleshooting, understanding where procedures go awry, how to identify a problem, and how to systematically go about correcting issues. All of the topics covered will be tied back to the IHC laboratory to improve basic knowledge and IHC skills. Sign up at:

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